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Name:Talia Hale
Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Talia Hale, Alpha and Matriarch of the Hale pack.

She's a powerful Alpha with the ability to shift fully into a wolf which is a rare ability. Due to this she were highly regarded by other Alphas and they often came to her for advice. The Hale pack protected Beacon Hills from other supernatural creatures. Talia didn't like Gerard Argent as she considered him a crazy old man. Despise that she helped Deucalion in an attempt to call a ceasefire, unsuccessfully. She regarded Deucalion as a man of visions.

The Hale pack consisted of 12 people, Talia included. She was a good Alpha who learned her pack members control, allowed humans to be a part of the pack and seemingly didn't simply turn people to grow the pack.

Talia perished with the rest of her pack in the Hale fire (except for Peter, Derek, Laura and Cora), 6 years before the start of the show. Only her claws remains. They contain her memories and are very powerful objects.

She took away Peter's memories of Malia Tate for unknown reasons. She also spoke with Derek through a ritual which involved her claws. Her claws was also used by Lydia to find out Malia's name.

No copyright infringement intended. The Teen Wolf franchise belongs to their respective owners. The owner of this account has no relation whatsoever with MTV or Jeff Davids. No money is being made from this, it's just for fun.

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Face claim's Alicia Copper.
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